Dr David Eyears

Cert. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

The Kingfisher Rooms David Eyears

Dr Eyears completed his medical degree at the University of Queensland. Postgraduate experience was obtained in psychiatry in England and in Queensland. Dr Eyears is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Dr Eyears completed futher studies to qualify and specialise in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr Eyears practices psychiatry on the Gold Coast, Qld.

Dr David Eyears is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist on the Gold Coast. He established The Kingfisher Rooms on the Gold Coast, with the vision of providing expert help for distressed children, adolescents, families, individuals and couples.

Dr Eyears has extensive experience as a Psychiatrist, working with people of all ages in a wide variety of settings. As a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in the state health system he provides supervision of multidisciplinary teams of doctors, social workers, psychologists and speech therapists. Dr Eyears is available for supervision. He teaches medical students and has also lectured doctors training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr Eyears has lectured child psychiatrists in training in areas such as cognitive behaviour therapy, psychotherapy, family therapy and play therapy. While highly experienced in medication and non-medication treatments, he has a particular interest in psychological techniques.

At The Kingfisher Rooms on the Gold Coast, Dr Eyears works with people of all ages. As a Psychiatrist his interest in treating both children and adults strengthens his skills to help either group from a broader perspective. Dr Eyears’ interests include ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders and Couple counselling. Dr Eyears works alongside other highly qualified specialists to offer a complete health care service. He works closely with schools and other important groups in the life of the individual.