What we do

The therapists at The Kingfisher Rooms are committed to providing compassionate and expert intervention for children, teenagers, adults, couples and families. We offer professional help including:

> Coping strategies for school, work and home

> Professional, sophisticated and ethical management that looks at the whole person

> Respect for and working with people to understand and achieve the goals that are important to them

Specialist Intervention

Our therapists use a wide range of intervention including:

> Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for depression, anxiety and other conditions

> Psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults

> Play Therapy

> Couple Therapy

> Family Therapy

> Safe expert medication management where needed

Why See a Psychiatrist/Psychologist

> Their specialist skills offer you the help you need for a stronger, healthier and happier life, equipping you for life’s challenges

> Treatment is made affordable because of the Medicare Safety Net (refer to Fee Payment)

> Take the opportunity to seek appropriate help. Don’t delay, you can live a fulfilling life.